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Subject:  Re: Amended return issue Date:  5/3/2013  12:51 AM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  118577 of 127519

From the 1040X

Column C Line 10 --- 5,479
(Includes the $540 I sent in with the amended return)

Column C Line 16 --- 5,748

Am I safe in assuming that it's Line 16, not Line 10, that includes the $540? Line 10 has nothing to do with payments.

Is the $800 refund also an approximation?

What I can glean at the moment is that your original return should have shown tax of $5,479, total payments of $5,208, and a resulting balance due of 271. Instead it showed a refund of $800. (If that's also an approximate number, the precise one would be helpful.) That means your tax was originally understated by $1,071, which should be Line 10, Column B. That would also be the bottom line balance due of a properly prepared 1040X.

I can't for the life of me figure out how you got to $540 due with the amended return. Unless the $800 is not quite the amount and you somehow managed to count that $271 twice....

Let's try this. Starting with line 10 of the amended return, all numbers through the end. We already know why line 10 is different A vs C. For any other line where A is different from C, please explain the difference. Also, while you're there, please make sure that the Column A numbers are what was shown on your original return, and provide the exact amount of the original refund you claimed, which I assume is the same amount as the check they sent you.

Don't call the IRS because even if the person you talked to could find your amended return, which (s)he can't, you'd only confuse them at this point.

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