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Subject:  Re: As heard and seen in weather news Date:  5/3/2013  1:57 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  49314 of 116897

(MORE: Poll: 3 in 8 Americans Say Global Warming Is a Hoax)

Let's face it, 99 out of 100 Americans have not reviewed even one single peer reviewed scientific article on the topic, and 19 out of 20 are not qualified to examine the scientific evidence and draw conclusions if they did read those articles. I consider myself in the category of not qualified to evaluate. I have read a handful of manuscripts from the scientific literature. But to actually be confident about the conclusions based on the literature, you would need to devote much more time and effort than I, or most Americans, have. So we all make a choice: We can believe that the scientific process and the people who have devoted their lives to pursuing global environmental issues are likely correct . . . or we can choose to believe that FuxNews and the right wing echo chamber talking heads actually understand this issue better than scientists with advanced degrees and years of experience.

Paranoia runs deep with the wingnuts. They fear science they don't want to believe in. They imagine some sort of global conspiracy. Tens of thousands of people spent many years of their lives studying global environment in schools, performing research and earning advanced degrees. These scientists come from hundreds of universities in dozens of different countries but have managed somehow to work in concert to produce a great hoax about global warming. Their motivation for making up this grand story . . . to obtain research grants.

Of course, some of the doubters are captains of polluting industries that are motivated by profit and greed to discredit global warming theories. They can justify spending some of their profits to produce confusing or conflicting pseudo data and to spin arguments in the popular press to support their paranoid wingnut followers.

But let's be honest. If you believe in global warming, the odds are that you do because you have more faith in the honesty of the scientific process than you have in the right wing echo chamber pronouncements. It's not because you have carefully examined the body of scientific literature and found it to be true.
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