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Subject:  Re: Amended return issue Date:  5/3/2013  3:10 AM
Author:  ptheland Number:  118579 of 127745

Originally I calculated a tax due of $4,939 and tax withheld of $5,748 -- resulting in a refund due of $806.

First off, you need a new calculator. Tax of 4,939 less withholding of 5,748 gives me a refund of 809. But that's immaterial at the moment.

Column A Column B Column C
Orig. Amt Net Change Correct Amt
Line 10 4939 540 5479
Line 11 5748 0 5748 (Fed Tax Withheld)
Line 16 5748

(It takes double-secret magic to get columns to line up here at TMF. I could tell you how to do it using the < pre> and < /pre> HTML tags, but then I'd get expelled from the secret society.) ;-)

The rest of your 1040X should look like this:

Line 17 $809
Line 18 $4939
Line 19 $540

Following through the logic, Line 18 subtracts off the refund from your original return, getting you to the correct amount of payments for the year, net of the refund on the original return.

Then you calculate the difference between the corrected tax and the corrected payments to get the new balance due or refund. So your original refund was already accounted for on the 1040X.

As a double check of your logic, the column B amount on line 10 (the change in your tax) matches up nicely with the check you wrote to go with the amended return.

Which all means that the refund check you received is yours to cash.

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