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Subject:  Re: College degree value Date:  5/3/2013  8:00 AM
Author:  cevera1 Number:  49315 of 117712

It's been several years since I read 'The World is Flat', but I still think this is the best of those that have looked at this issue.

Friedman taking a bashing on PA though I must say that I found found many of his predictions/observations (especially in the IT world) to be spot on.

What seems to be missing within the USA is any definitive direction or vision of the future? It appears that everything, EVERYTHING, that needs funding, planning, or investment has become a political football held hostage by the rift in ideology that has plagued us since the 80's (IMHO). There are folks who are desperately sounding the alarm for what the future holds for a Nation that doesn't adequately invest in infrastructure, doesn't adequately invest in its health(fiscally and physically), doesn't adequately invest in its young people - All the while removing laws that balance power between its people and corporate interests, spilling energy on ideological battlefields that hinder progress (see climate change, gay marriage, creationism, etc).

China will graduate more students with engineering degrees this year than exist in the rest of the world today. . . Think about that for a second. The PRC government is investing massive amounts of money in Universities and university education. Meanwhile, in the US, college education is increasingly expensive and out-of-reach. Which population is more likely to gain meaningful employment from multi-national engineering corporations in the future?

One of the USA's biggest strengths - the opportunity for education and advancement - is now on its way to mediocrity.

It's a good thing that I'm an optimist.....

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