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Subject:  Re: Roll old 401(k) and allocate assets Date:  5/3/2013  2:04 PM
Author:  gdett2 Number:  72161 of 88826


Since you are going market to market, I would not leave it all as cash.

Let me put it this way: If someone had told me on January 1st this year that I would make 4X my annual expenses by May 3rd, I would have laughed at it and said, "Sure." However, if we don't get a big dip this afternoon, that will be the case. I have trimmed heavily. I moved a bit over 1 year's worth to interest bearing accounts in the last two weeks.

Starting in January, the "talk" has been increasingly "dip", "correction" or other such.

If this was all new money coming in and you did not have a plan, I would say hold off, make a plan.

I would start implementing your plan at 50%, higher if you choose to. Hold some cash for opportunities, maybe 10% to 20%. Put in the other 30% over 3 to 6 months.

Waiting for a downturn(timing the market) can be a very frustrating wait. Imagine the time you when say to yourself, "I have waited 6 months and the market has run away. I am missing it!" Then you buy and 2 weeks later there it goes down.

When you lay out your portfolio, cover all bases, like you have. When things run up rapidly in one area, I normally take out cash by trimming 5% to 10%. Pre-retirement, that was held for investing at better price points. In retirement, some goes to our expense cash and the rest to investing.

With 15 to 20 years to an assumed retirement point, you have time to let things grow through up and down markets.

Your plan looks fine. My only hesitation, for me personally, would be the 63% in the Target fund. But, this has to fit your comfort level and experience. I like to be in control of my investments. My various attempts with mutual funds and professional management did not go well.

Were you going to use managed funds or ETFs? I started using some ETFs this year for DWs IRA. I want to make something she can manage going forward. My portfolio is on my Fool profile page if you are interested.

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