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Subject:  Re: Credit Card Debt Question Date:  5/6/2013  8:19 PM
Author:  JacksHere Number:  306983 of 312161

- How did you get this debt?
The 28Kwas when AMEX offered me pay over time and I abused it, I use to pay every single month in full and then just got behind, the other was more calculated

- Have you resolved/changed the issues that resulted in accumulating the debt?
- Have you stopped using the credit cards? (If not, or you say you "can't" stop using the credit cars, then you might want to just leave well enough alone, and pay the credit card debt off yourself, little by little.
I stopped using one and its almost paid off, the other I still use and the one I am having the most trouble with
- How will you use the credit cards after you pay them off? (Does no good to pay off the cards if you're just going to charge them up again.)
I will pay in full
- Have you examined your budget/spending plan to see what additional funds you can funnel to the credit card debt each month?
in 8 weeks I will be able to pay 1,000 a month towards the 28k

- Will there be any fees associated with the new loan?
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