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Subject:  Re: Credit Card Debt Question Date:  5/6/2013  9:56 PM
Author:  JacksHere Number:  306989 of 312187

I am paying 15% on $28,000 and 13% on $2,700

I pay $200 a week on the $2,700 and do not charge on the card any longer

Have you stopped using both cards? If not, you need to do so immediately. And if you feel iike you 'have' to use a card, at least use the one with the lower interest rate, add enough money to your payment to cover any new charges that week to the $200/week you are currently paying. I am still using the card with $28k on it and it is the only card I use. I could switch to the other card with the lower rate

How much are you paying the the card with $28k on it?
I am making the minimum payment plus anywhere from 200-300

From a strictly mathematical standpoint, you would be better off paying just the minimum on the card with $2700 on it, and putting the rest of the $200/week toward the card with $28k on it.

That said, at $200/week, you should have the $2700 card paid off in early August (first or second week, depending on if you've made your payment this week already or not). You can then add the extra $200/week ($867/month) toward paying off the $28k card.

Assuming that the minimum payments on the card with $28k on it are about $630(and you have also stopped using this card), by mid-August your balance will be about $27,150. Making payments in August of $1150 toward this debt (to account for what you need to pay off the other debt) and beginning in September, paying $1500/month toward this debt, you will have it paid off in April, 2015. If you could find additional money to put toward the debt, you could pay it off earlier.

SO would you rec paying the 2700 off first or just attacking rh 28k starting now?
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