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Subject:  Re: Poll: Find a Penny, Pick it up? Date:  5/8/2013  2:39 AM
Author:  catmeyoo Number:  681208 of 875606

Yep, I usually will pick up a penny
Always, always do. That's "free money" from the Universe, and I don't believe in turning down the Universe's gifts.
I found 14 cents in the alley yesterday. A dime and 4 pennies. I picked it all up and put it in my pocket.

I always, always pick up pennies, and anything bigger too. From the time my son was 3 up until about 7 when he started getting tall he was always finding money on the ground probably because he was little and close to it. Especially in parking lots and around shopping malls but other places too.

When I was a young girl I would spend a couple weeks every summer vacationing with my grandparents on the grounds at my grandfather's carnival, H. H. Gray County Fair Shows, that traveled around western Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. Me and the carnie kids would run outside early every morning to try to find any money that had fallen out of people's pockets the night before, especially around the rides that turned you upside down and the concession and game stands, but you would sometimes find some around the ferris wheel too and even the merry go round. We would check out absolutely everything. We were like a pack of wild wolves on the hunt, running around all over the place.

That carnival was really fun. There was a freak show with geeks and fire eaters and little people galore, sword swallowers, bearded ladies, snake charmers and a separate area for a hootchy kootchy dance of the veils theater where you could watch a little outside but had to pay extra to go in (no kids allowed) and a fun house with a big Laffin Sal like doll lady at the entrance who made you laugh and scared you at the same time, and a love tunnel through this dark maze where scary things leaped out at you. You sure don't see anything like that at the carnivals that travel around the country these days. They've all been sanitized and cleaned up.
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