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Subject:  Re: inheritance vs gift Date:  5/9/2013  7:10 PM
Author:  TMFPMarti Number:  118596 of 127643

FIL did have a will, leaving everything to be divided equally among his adult children.

The consensus among the siblings is that since SIL was taking care of FIL in his dotage, she earned whatever inheritance, if any, was left. So this is a case where she certainly didn't do the legal & financial things correctly, but since the affected parties aren't objecting, there shouldn't be any trouble.

Well, that'll take her as far as a cross-eyed look at the wrong moment, but that's not your problem. In fact, I can't figure out why you're asking all these questions on behalf of SIL when she won't listen to you anyway.

DH is the one you ought to be inquiring for. It sounds like he and the other sibs are disclaiming their shares of the inheritance. We have now tapped my entire knowledge base about this process. Hopefully people will come along who can address whether those disclaiming have paperwork responsibilities or gift tax requirements.

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