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Subject:  Re: Poll: Technical Analysis Date:  5/14/2013  2:08 PM
Author:  OneEyeBird Number:  17115 of 22976

All that said, some respected technical analysts with phenonemal long-term track records of making money (like Peter Brandt)...

I was curious and looked him and up and viewed his performance which as you note is very impressive. Still, I can't help but get this odd feeling in my stomach that personal portfolio returns have little to do with returns associated with OPM. I know this because I've experienced this issue myself, esp. as AUM grows. Perhaps this is why I remain skeptical of TA MDC cause I don't know of anyone who actually manages AUM for others who points to TA as a primary source of their technique.

My problem, NOT THAT IT MATTERS, is I couldn't ever find someone with a verifiable track record who could teach it in terms where I could apply it. I'm looking for BOOKS of course. I can find that with FA (course, there aren't as many good ones as you think and creating a technique is a very personal thing) though realize that FA is so a broad term as to mean little of anything at all, but there is only so much time in the day so if you've got a pretty idea that working a certain way (not including this market where EVERY SELL has been wrong) it is hard to justify going anywhere else.

For me, technical analysis is primarily a risk mitigation technique just in case I am horribly off in my fundamental analysis. For example, based on the fundamentals as I understand them, I am bullish on gold. Yet presently, the chart on gold looks horrendous at all time frames. Whatever I believe, the overall action of the chart is telling