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Subject:  Re: question: down payment on my first home Date:  5/15/2013  11:17 AM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  125292 of 128887

Also the term "extenuating circumstances" is as vague as they come. My sister can probably convince anyone that a broken nail is an extenuating circumstance while I might not be abe to do so even if I get drafted to WWIII.
You have to sell it to a judge. A judge who might get annoyed if he thinks some scam artist is trying to yank his chain.

how do they know if I'm renting the house or not?? Do they have an agent checking up on me every once in a while? Or am I also legally obliged to signed some document where I have to tell them what I do with my own property?
Don't overthink it. They don't go out looking for people to nail.
But if you come to their attention somehow, at THAT point they are incented to look closely at what you did.

They don't look at 1000 houses to see if the owner rented it out instead of moved in.
But they can look at everything about ONE person to see if he broke any rules. If 999 people sign the contract as-is, and 1 person wants to change it, guess who they will pick to look at closely?

I have heard that they occasionally audit a batch of new mortgages, just to make sure that everything was done correctly. In those cases, I could well believe that somebody does drive by the houses and checks to see who is living there. If your name is Smith and Mrs. Martinez answers the door and says that she pays her rent to Mr. Smith ..... ;-(
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