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Subject:  Re: Poll: Technical Analysis Date:  5/15/2013  12:28 PM
Author:  OneEyeBird Number:  17137 of 24400

I'll keep this brief but wanted to reply:

*one corner we have Peter Lynch with a 29% annualized return over a 13 year period with huge fluctuations in AUM, restrictions on what he could buy, and a massive public profile.

*On the other corner we have Brandt with a nice audit letter on his website attesting to the performance of his personal accounts. I did look at the Market Wizards profile on Marty Schwartz in Market Wizards and there is little there beyond mention of winning investment contests and mentions of how well he did in specific years.

*back to Lynch corner, we know he was the head of RESEACH at Fidelity for several years. With Brandt I really don't know who he was and Schwartz apparently was a failed analyst (obviously his take is different).