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Subject:  Re: smaller government, DrB? Date:  5/15/2013  2:21 PM
Author:  DrBob2 Number:  423024 of 507765

How do we make it "smaller"? Please be relatively specific.

Hmmm. Now there's a big topic. I will look into some specifics, but as a starting framework we could compare 1990 and today. There has been a 20% increase in population (250 to 300 million) but federal government spending has swollen from $1.3 to $3.7 trillion, a 185% increase.

What if we just put the size of government back to where it was then and make trims and adjustments?

A couple of programs that have come up before: Planned Parenthood and Sesame Street. I'm a fan of both abortion and Big Bird, but neither should be on the Federal dole. A multi-year HHS study has shown that Head Start is ineffective (this we find out after decades and billions of dollars).

On a smaller scale, why should the Feds be regulating magician's rabbits? Why should raisin farmers be required to turn over a large portion of their crop every year to the USDA (a case going to the Supreme Court)?

On a larger scale, all ag subsidies should be phased out. The Education department should be eliminated. Education works fine at a local and state level. The only federal education programs should be in the military.

More later.

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