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Subject:  He's #1 at being #2 Date:  5/15/2013  9:29 PM
Author:  THEMATHISNEAR Number:  682079 of 876050

I think that Obama is easily the most craven person to ever inhabit the White House. He might be the most craven to ever go to Washington, period. He has never really spent political capital; he let Pelosi and Reid drive Obamacare, and let the blue dog Democrats take the fall in 2010. He took credit for bin Laden, but all of the myriad foreign policy failures have been someone else's fault.

As a Senator, he mainly voted 'present'. As candidate and President, the only time he showed any passion was in tearing someone else down. He certainly didn't inspire Americans, other than to make sure that they take their 'fair share' out of someone else's hide.

His self-love is also why he's used thug tactics to rig the 2012 election. Cripple the Tea Party by tying them up with IRS red tape during a critical time in the election cycle. Engage in massive voter fraud, knowing that the media will look the other way. Call anyone who wants voter ID to be racist, by definition.

Even with these scandals, there's more we don't see. Rest assured that Obama has already determined several layers of fall guys on whom to blame anything that comes up. Just like with Benghazi, he has no problem making the sacrifices that must be made to save himself. The truth is just another casualty along the way. The media keeps spreading his fertilizer, and the LIVs keep eating it. Maybe we should call them mushrooms.
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