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Subject:  Re: smaller government, DrB? Date:  5/16/2013  8:07 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  423056 of 507088

65 this year. Life expectancy seems to be increasing about one year every two years, i.e., it's 85 now and 40 years ago it was 65 (more or less). I was thinking moving eligibility up one year every four years. I suppose one could have it 'indexed'.

Where did you pull those numbers from?

40 years ago the life expectancy for a white male was 71. Today it's 75.7. Not quite five years over 40. BUT WAIT! Even that is a gross overstatement, since that includes the improvement in infant mortality, which is irrelevant to Social Security.

If a child dies at age 1, that reduces the average age of all "life expectancy", but it's wholly meaningless to Social Security, since the baby never joined, never contributed, and never withdrew funds. For practical purposes, that child never existed in the Social Security world. Since most of the improvement in life expectancy has come from decreasing infant mortality, it's more germane to look at life expectancy from age 20, when people typically get jobs and join the work force.

And what do we find? In the past 4@ years it has gone from 79 to 81. Yes, Dr. Bob, you overstated the gain by a factor of 400%, and then used inappropriate figures besides, an error rate of another 300%.

I find this so frequently with Conservatives as they rail about defunding Sesame Street and a few other programs of no meaningful dollar cost, thinking that somehow that is going to fix things and when it doesn't come close they start monkeying with Social Security, using all the wrong assumptions, and never, neve, do they talk about hacking their way through us vastly bloated, sprawling world wide military, where the money is, or taking a radical (and I mean "radical" in the sense that every other first world country on the planet has already embraced) look at health care costs.
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