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Subject:  Re: From Mark Steyn Date:  5/16/2013  10:11 AM
Author:  Hochizen Number:  682120 of 876031

Hi there mcb!

Oh, I get your point about education....after all, it IS what you do with an education that matters, I guess.

I am curious, however, that you would laud people who are " a ragtag bunch of old guys, intolerant, whiskey soaked, grizzled and hard bitten."

Sure, you can say it is good they are rich. Good for them!

However, a couple of things.

First, the mere fact they are rich does NOT mean they are wonderful, or worthy of respect. I mean, plenty of drug dealers are millionaires, but I don't think they are worthy of emulation.

More importantly, though, is that none of them claimed to be a great thinker, a political pundit whose views should be taken seriously.

THAT is the point, you see. Just as I would not want someone who never learned anything about cars to work on my car, I would not want someone who is ignorant of politics, economics or even basic high school government to be my source of information about such subjects. Sure, anyone has the right to write what they will....but why would anyone take a high-school dropout seriously for his supposed reasoned opinions?

"My lesson: Wisdom and experience are more important than education."

True.....but having an education DOES give you an advantage over the uneducated. It doesn't mean someone who never learned to read and write cannot become very wealthy.....but it does mean it is less likely. For every high school dropout who became wealthy I am quite sure there are at least one thousand who ended up with lousy jobs, lousy prospects and a life that would have been easier with more education.
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