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Subject:  Re: From Mark Steyn Date:  5/16/2013  10:47 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  682129 of 876091

but why would anyone take a high-school dropout seriously for his supposed reasoned opinions?

If the opinions are reasoned the form of education of the one making them is irrelevant, really. I certainly don't look down on Bill Gates for dropping out of college, for example. Book-smarts... that's a dime a dozen. Hell, I was never really challenged academically until I got to college (and even in many of my college classes I wasn't actually challenged), had I not gotten those pieces of paper would my opinion be worth less? I've met more than a few PhDs whom I wouldn't trust with any political office... some I don't trust to operate a car safely! I know some illiterate people who have better political reasoning than those PhDs, they have street smarts. In fact I know of quite a few circles where having a college degree is looked down upon.

I'm glad I have my college degree, but I'm not going to lord it above others who don't and dismiss their opinions just because they don't have a certain piece of paper. That's a pretty ridiculous way to look at the world IMHO.
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