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Subject:  Re: From Mark Steyn Date:  5/16/2013  11:03 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  682131 of 876433

First, the mere fact they are rich does NOT mean they are wonderful, or worthy of respect. I mean, plenty of drug dealers are millionaires, but I don't think they are worthy of emulation.
Obama does. Doesn't he play golf with one in Hawaii? _

If you actually go back and read the post, it is a perfect expression of today's liberalism

People who are 'experts' regardless of how badly they have screwed things up, should be trusted and put in charge and people who are successful should not be considered as a source of wisdom

People who got rich across multiple political and economic scenarios and maintained their wealth should not be trusted with opinions on either economics or politics.

Does anyone wonder how out education system has gotten screwed up, how our financial regulation have gotten screwed up, how our tax policy has gotten screwed up, how our social policy has gotten screwed up, how our public housing has gotten screwed up etc.

The folks who did not do that and prospered while it was going on, MUST BE SHUNNED. The folks who did it? Heck they went to school for years to screw things up, so there's our solution.

Yeah, I know that is not what was said even though it is, been there, read that.
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