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Subject:  Re: smaller government, DrB? Date:  5/16/2013  12:14 PM
Author:  sofaking6 Number:  423069 of 507016

I find this so frequently with Conservatives as they rail about defunding Sesame Street and a few other programs of no meaningful dollar cost, thinking that somehow that is going to fix things and when it doesn't come close they start monkeying with Social Security, using all the wrong assumptions, and never, neve, do they talk about hacking their way through us vastly bloated, sprawling world wide military, where the money is, or taking a radical (and I mean "radical" in the sense that every other first world country on the planet has already embraced) look at health care costs.

The "sad" (can't find a better word) thing is, by this point they know full well that they're lying when they say that ditching Sesame Street and SS will cure the economy. They know it! But they still repeat those same tired lies as talking points. I don't get why. Maybe DrBob will tell me?

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