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Subject:  Re: smaller government, DrB? Date:  5/16/2013  1:09 PM
Author:  Windchasers Number:  423074 of 477971

Decided to pull this into a new thread. As you are one of the very few semi-reasonable conservatives we encounter at TMF (most are practically foaming at the mouth), I wanted to probe this further.

How do we make it "smaller"? Please be relatively specific. I don't expect precise head-count cuts, etc. But just saying "eliminating waste" isn't helpful. Do we cut air traffic control? Do we reduce the Navy by x-number of ships? Do we shutter the SEC or the EPA or the FDA (or all of them)?

Ooooh! Ooh! I want to play!
As a sorta "liberaltarian", I favor smaller government, both fiscally and socially, but with some smart controls.

To start, I'd cut total defense spending* by ~50%, phasing this in at a rate of a few %/year. A strong economy is the best defense, and excess military spending saps our economic strength. To compensate for a weaker military, we need to do a few things:
1) Push our allies to step it up. Australia, Japan, and NATO, you need to pull more weight.
2) Start a strong, unending push for human rights around t