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Subject:  Re: smaller government, DrB? Date:  5/16/2013  2:03 PM
Author:  sandyleelee Number:  423078 of 457312

I find this so frequently with Conservatives as they rail about defunding Sesame Street and a few other programs of no meaningful dollar cost, thinking that somehow that is going to fix things and when it doesn't come close they start monkeying with Social Security, using all the wrong assumptions, and never, neve, do they talk about hacking their way through us vastly bloated, sprawling world wide military, where the money is, or taking a radical (and I mean "radical" in the sense that every other first world country on the planet has already embraced) look at health care costs.

Or taxing the 1% at rates commensurate with the revoltingly unjust proportion of the country's wealth they control.

We don't need to cut government services (except perhaps the military) in any serious way. We need to make the bloodsuckers who have been profiting for the past three decades off the reduced wages and benefits of the majority of Americans pay for the services needed by the majority of Americans in direct proportion to the share of the economy the bloodsuckers have grasped in their greedy, blood-stained claws.

Vampire bats. No. Sorry. That's an insult to vampire bats.

And they castigate the poor for feeling "entitled." The gall. To suggest that human beings really ARE entitled to decent food, shelter, education and health care, even if employers too greedy to pay a living wage need to foot the damned bill. It's an outrage! How dare a poor mother suggest that someone other than she hers