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Subject:  Re: From Mark Steyn Date:  5/16/2013  5:49 PM
Author:  Hochizen Number:  682181 of 875708

"If you actually go back and read the post, it is a perfect expression of today's liberalism"

I quite agree! Liberals value education!

"People who are 'experts' regardless of how badly they have screwed things up, should be trusted and put in charge and people who are successful should not be considered as a source of wisdom"

Yes, I trust experts. Thus, I listen to my lawyer (even though I am one myself) and I also listen to my doctor, my car mechanic and even the guy who does my landscaping as he has expertise in the area. I do NOT listen to my landscaper for his opinion on medicine, nor do I even ASK my doctor about lilacs. IF an "expert" has screwed things up, I tend not to use the expert anymore.

Now, consider this point. We really CAN admit Bush screwed things up...forget Obama for a minute.....but Bush and Cheney and Rummy and Condi....yeah, they SCREWED THINGS UP....and who are delivering the latest talking points? Yep, Cheney and Rummy, and people are listening to them.

Obama? IMHO he is mediocre. Not a terrible president, but far from a great one. Is Holder a good AG? No, he is a lousy one and if he doesn't resign he SHOULD be fired.

"People who got rich across multiple political and economic scenarios and maintained their wealth should not be trusted with opinions on either economics or politics. "

I agree with this statement to a point. I do NOT believe that the wealthy have valuable opinions SOLELY by virtue of their wealth. Hey, is the opinion of a lottery winner who doesn't go broke suddenly valuable? Some people win the "capitalism lottery" by virtue of nothing they have the fellow I knew who got wealthy by owning a piece of property he almost let go for taxes in the city of Detroit that turned out to be the last parcel needed for a major the fact that he made a bundle on something he almost gave away indicative of economic and/or political acumen? No, sorry.

"The folks who did not do that and prospered while it was going on, MUST BE SHUNNED. The folks who did it? Heck they went to school for years to screw things up, so there's our solution.

Yeah, I know that is not what was said even though it is, been there, read that. "

Folks who "prosper" are not necessarily smart, or good leaders, or capable of doing things other than cashing checks. BTW, a PHD in political science also does NOT mean the educated elite have valuable opinions either! What it DOES mean, though, is the PHD DOES have education I lack, and DOES have exposure to books, theories and data that I neither have the time or inclination to wade through. Ergo, I will tend to value the opinions of learned people over those who are unlearned. That said, would my eyes glaze over in wonder at the opinion of a Marxist, or a supply sider, or even a minimalist statist? No
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