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Subject:  I am Abadoe and I LOVE living in a Police State! Date:  5/16/2013  8:05 PM
Author:  THEMATHISNEAR Number:  682198 of 875615

I am Abadoe, and I am a good Democrat, because I love Obama! He is Greatest President Ever!

He do good work oppressing nasty Tea Party Republicans! He is great in monitoring everyone, because Government is always right, and the media can't really be trusted to carry the water for the Great Socialist Movement!

The Republicans hate Obama because they are racisisistisiststssts. Sstsiss.

It is NOT because he is feckless. Obama is Great. The Muslim world do love us. The Muslim Brotherhood respect Obama. Yes, they might kill Americans, but they still buy Obama bobblehead doll with the American money we give them. mean people kill our ambassador, but they were probably republican tea party types. And it was because republicans cut funding. everything bad happens because of republicans. Obama say so, and I believe EVERYTHING he say. Media love him, so I love him!

And North Korea is now a nuclear power, and Iran will be soon, but who cares? Obama is still funny on letterman.

He cares. He gave us Obamacares. He love us all. Except those mean republicans, and he is right to hate them. They want us all to work, and some of us don't like to work. We just want our free stuffses.

I am Abadoe, and I approve this message!
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