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Subject:  Re: This has to be a joke Date:  5/16/2013  9:42 PM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  682218 of 876451

The worst has come true.

This is not just a Liberals who wants to raise a few taxes. That's honestly what I thought in 2008. I didn't believe anything sinister.

Now, I believe the President of the United States not only has contempt for America, he's got a chip on his shoulder against America. He dislikes America. He sees America as a problem in the world. He's working against American interests.

I seriously, honestly, believe we are now occupied by a foreign, alien, enemy power. All politics, all PA's gamesmanship aside.....I really think the enemy is within, and we are being governed by the enemy.

It's an ugly thought.

I wish I didnt know about any of this stuff ,really.

The saddest part is so many Liberals are actually defending this stuff. So shortsighted. They don't realize that 15 years from now, President Liz Cheney could get america into some war in the middle east, and she could use the IRS to go after anti-war Liberals. I'm truly saddened that people whom i THOUGHT were citizens, whom I THOUGHT had some power of critical thought......are mere sheep happy to be slaughtered by the Ruling Class.

Immigration, taxes, all that stuff is tiny peanuts compared to the 3rd world Enemy of the State that is in power right now. And this cabal of America haters have their tentacles very skillfully in control of key levers in America: Finance, Banking, Entertainment, Education, Journalism.

Let's see if America has one more dance left in her.

Because if not, America has been defeated soundly. Not by Al Qaeda, Tojo, The Soviet, or Hitler or the King of England......but by America's Extreme Left.

Seriously, this is a solemn time. America might be over.

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