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Subject:  Re: OT!! Smaller gov't, until you come after mi Date:  5/16/2013  10:09 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  423121 of 507882

Look, the dealer model as been in place for over 100 years and it's been successful. I mean who doesn't love going to a car dealership to purchase a car? And if we don't have dealers, who will protect us from evil price gougers? Who will throw in the undercoating for free?

i actually rather enjoyed my most recent visit to a dealer....

surprising perhaps because it was a seller's market: top of dot-com bubble, Silicon Valley
..... and i wanted a BMW ,as did a zillion other nouveau-riche (>:

actually the 2d dealer i went to --such a seller's market that the first just gave a brochure and said, come back when you've decided on model and color and we'll see what we can do...
Actually a Xerox of the brochure ... so the color choices had cute names, but were all apparently varying shades of gray

next guy had an actual *color* brochure i could look at.
actually took me on a test drive ....As If he was interested in selling...
not so much thaat he was cutting deals
nor 'selling' the cars on the floor..... whatever i wanted would have to be ordered ( in a hurry? come back on Saturday and bid on one of the floor models )

enjoyable because it was like buying a shirt. What style? what color? there's the price. EOM
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