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Subject:  Re: Lamest scheme ever Date:  5/17/2013  12:57 PM
Author:  Hochizen Number:  1878006 of 2016426

"But not our PA libs! They don't disappoint! We are guaranteed to see attempts to trivialize and dismiss any scandal. Illegal activities in the IRS, big deal. Potential illegal use of phone records, its OK because we are hunting a traitor. Killing Americans without oversight - meh - they are just all brown skinned terrorists.

But hey, you might disappoint me eventually. It did take you about two weeks before you back-pedalled enough on drones to un-equivocally call that wrong too. That was a sad day. "

Actually I am glad not to disappoint!

I am HAPPY the press got patriot-acted.

I don't like the Patriot Act. I like civil liberties. I think the press gave Bush a pass on his unconstitutional actions...and Obama as well. NOW that they are the target, maybe something will be done about it.

I don't care one whit about the IRS "abuses." I can see no reason to give tea party organizations tax free status...they are not charities. They are political organizations. Then again, I am also in favor of taxing religious institutions that own businesses. I would also bet if you look at some "occupy" groups they were also given extra scrutiny, and I agree with that as well.

Finally, though, on drones.

This issue amazes me. It really does! Do conservatives honestly support