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Subject:  Re: Lamest scheme ever Date:  5/17/2013  5:14 PM
Author:  jerryab Number:  1878091 of 2210754

If the IRS fails to approve your application, and instead starts questioning whether you qualify for the tax exemption (wrongfully, but all accounts) - while other groups are quickly granted that determination - then a reasonable person would infer that the IRS has some concerns about whether your activites would qualify for exemption.

Thus, the premise could be made that--out of thousands of applications--24 were found to be suspiciously odd or "too similar" to be a coincidence.

Then, when a brouhaha was kicked up about it by conservatives, the govt simply let it go because the approvals were not really required in the first place.

So, to put it into perspective, if I file a request for a permit for a 250-kiloton nuclear weapon for self-protection (and perhaps a few smaller nukes for hunting purposes), what does the govt do? Second Amendment--right? So, I have the right to buy and possess the gun of my choice. They have to grant the permit, so now it is just a matter of which nuclear weapon I should buy--or produce for my own use (thus avoiding the potential interstate problem of shipping it to me from elsewhere). Why isn't the NRA protecting the public from the govt--as in my situation?

If the govt can deny me the right to buy the gun of my choice, they can do the same to everyone else.
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