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Subject:  Re: smaller government, DrB? Date:  5/17/2013  8:42 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  423167 of 508513

Well, you can't say I haven't given any specifics:

True. And that is good. Most conservatives don't.

I agree that halving defense spending is probably a bad idea. Unless we are going to return to an isolationist stance (e.g. 1940-41). But we certainly don't need a military that can fight a land war against the Soviets in Europe. That is pretty much done.

Agree we should end war on drugs. Agree we end subsidies (farmers, oil companies, etc...including military protection for oil company assets). Don't agree about alternatives. Encouraging development of alternatives is a good thing, though I will add the caveat that it needs to be done intelligently. Disagree about PP (without universal single-payer being in place, then I might agree). Disagree about PBS. Disagree about health care (which I can explain why if you don't recall the essays I wrote here a couple years ago). In principle I agree about means-testing SS, but in practice that could reduce it to a "welfare" program (which would be should be thought of as a pension instead). Disagree about Dept of Education (which, by the way, you are dead-wrong about as opposed to an "agree to disagree" topic like alternative energy subsidies where there may not be a single correct answer). Agree about student loans, but mostly because I don't think anyone who can pass an entrance exam should have to pay for is an investment, not an expense).

What about FDA, SEC, EPA, and some of those? Your only comment about agencies was Education.

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