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Subject:  Re: This has to be a joke Date:  5/17/2013  10:30 PM
Author:  JoelCairo Number:  682360 of 875666

Oh look, Hoch, according to Galt, your side is unequal...and he denies it!

But fact remains that Obama and company are Nixon and Cheney on steroids.

And their supporters are Hannities on steroids.

Nixon and Cheney on steroids! There's a measured comment!

Is this what Galt means by his statement that Hoch and I are having a civilized convo?

Is someone who asks a stranger in California: Why keep poor kids trapped in bad Detroit Schools? someone making a civilized comment? What basis does he have to think I want that, or even have any say over it? And if he doesn't, why ask me?

Then he dedicates Stockton's plight to me -- under what system of cause and effect does that make sense?

Well, he is contemptuous of me -- thinks me a low-life, stupid, not equal to his high level -- so I can understand why he feels free to speak so scornfully and with so little basis.

Hoch, back to you...sorry for the distraction. See what I mean? You and I are having a chat, and one of the Klansmen accuses me of not liking equality.

What a civilized remark. Calling me a Klansman shows he does not know what the word is, or has no regard for civilized debate. Doesn't get how cleverly you mock his self-regard and resentment.

Good job, Hoch! You're a better poster than I.

That last is aimed at Hochizen, Galt. No matter how you twist it, the only civilized thing you do is drop birdpoop from high altitudes indiscriminately. Or maybe it is bat-poop. Whatever, it is crazy, and devoid of content or meaning.
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