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Subject:  Re: Ethics Date:  5/18/2013  11:03 AM
Author:  DufusGoneSplat Number:  119196 of 143910

DGS - Can you support that allegation, or is it just your "opinion"?

gg2 - Elementary. This was the first, and so far, only time so many federal employees were in violation of the Hatch Act.

As I expected, you, like Colovion, provided zero, nada, zip, zilch to support your allegation. Yes, yes .... I should just believe your words.

Now think real hard. I know thinking is not your normal behavior.

Given the quality of your response, perhaps you should look in the mirror.

I don't care what single point you bring up about George W. Bush.

Of course not. My linked article explaining that the Bush administration