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Subject:  Re: Five day home sale Date:  5/27/2013  12:28 PM
Author:  FlyingDiver Number:  125398 of 128075

In either case, I have one question;
The 2nd edition was published in 1998 (I can't easily find when the 1st was published)...
If this system actually continued to work, why would the extremely competitive and creative industry of Realtors® not have fully integrated it already?

Either they have, and thus there is no longer any advantage to the DIY'er, or
It doesn't work (if it ever did,) and thus there is no longer any advantage to the DIY'er.

Big, established, human-intensive markets *DO* offer beatable vulnerabilities from time to time... but generally speaking, by the time its published (at all, let alone 1-2 decades later) the vulnerability has long been digested and eliminated.

Dave - I agree with you that if this really worked, Realtors® would be doing it. However, I have a theory on why it "appears" they're not.

Background - both of the last two houses we sold, they were on the market less than a week. Under five days, I think. So houses do sell that fast.

If the agent is a real pro - that is, they actually understand and implement an optimal strategy for preparing, pricing, and marketing a home, then fast sales would be the norm. Not always, beca