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Subject:  Re: 55 year old rule Date:  6/11/2013  1:21 AM
Author:  whyohwhyoh Number:  25052 of 25618

Thanks for all the comments. I've been looking around for someone who actually executed on this strategy. So far it looks plausible.

I'd like to take a break at 45 to spend some time with my kids before they start into high school, then likely start working once they are off to college, or at least one of them. Possibly my wife will start working, several options. Maybe never go back.

At 45 I will have been at the same company for 22 years, and targeting about 1E6 in 401k+Roth and 0.4E6 in taxable accounts&cash and ~0.6E6 in house net worth but don't want to sell until the kids are gone for awhile. (Not much in Roths, as we haven't been eligible for many years). So at 45 we'll have quite a bit of NW tied up in home NW and my 401k.

I am quite skilled in what I do, althou