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Subject:  Re: Annuities Date:  6/13/2013  12:22 PM
Author:  TwoCybers Number:  72485 of 87994

Bill beyond the subject of yes or not to this or that annuity, more information is needed before anybody can make decent recommendation. To make an analogy to something you understand better I will use automobiles.

Somebody's transportation method has been lost. They never did any driving and don't know the difference between an Indy Racer, a Hummer or a Prius -- all of which are automobiles. Some person has just recommended purchase of Chevy Suburban or a never buying a car and depending on public transportation & Taxis.

The Suburban could be great if the person owned horses and large dogs -- think hauling a horse trailer. It could be a disaster if the individual lived in Manhattan or South Boston. Similarly in rural Kansas there is not a lot of public transit and maybe few taxis.

Questions -

Does she have any social security benefits earned herself, but not collected? Does she have any income (don't forget survivor benefits)?

What are her annual living costs divided by the amount of her assists? (If she is spending 3% of the asset value things are dramatically different than if she is spending 10% or the asset value.)

Normally from your post one might assume her health is such she will live to at least the typical life expectancy of a 64 year old female -- which undoubtedly is over 25 years. But maybe not.

One reason to be very careful is the potential for inflation is great in the next couple of decades. I would not be surprised to see gasoline at $10 a gallon and hamburger at $12 a pound in 20 years. Anybody making investment decisions today that does not seriously consider inflation risk in my mind is a fool.

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