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Subject:  Re: Could I Have an "Attaboy!" Date:  6/13/2013  9:14 PM
Author:  JohnEBgood Number:  307093 of 309667


You mean to tell me that you live in NJ and drive a Civic? Are you crazy ???? ;o)
I couldn't resist - and truthfully, every state I've been in has its share of crazy drivers.

I don't love my Civic. In fact, my emotions towards it are now, and always have been, far more resignation and a sense of "settling" for than anything resembling enthusiasm.

Interesting. We still have our second Accord (2000). Before that, we had a 1987 Accord that was still running fine when I sold it. I'm used to the ride of the bigger car, and the Civic doesn't "do it" for me. Once I rented a Corolla and it seemed to have a smoother ride than the Civic.

I have two kids. Everyone said that I'd "have to" get a minivan or a larger car, but I didn't and still don't need one.

How un-American of you! Of COURSE you need a minivan. ;o) Why if everybody thought like you, how would companies like Exxon (originally Std Oil of NJ) reap in huge annual profits?

Sorry....I've had a rough day.

My Civic is a wonderful workhorse. Got it in Sept 2009, and it has less than 30K miles on it. I'd be sh