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Subject:  Re: Tea-bagger Ignorance Slows Obamacare Rollout Date:  6/18/2013  12:13 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  1884169 of 2207691

So in other words it is the fault of the prez and the dems who have turned prezcare into such a terrible disaster people are not aware of the care and benefits they should be getting in order to be treated for their health problems.

Just another prez failure, happens every day now, so it seems.

You know . . . there was a time when I agreed with you - that the Obama administration bore much of the responsibility for public ignorance about their policies and actions. But after watching the right wing echo chamber and the wingnut brigade in action for six years, I have a better understanding of the problem.

If any member of the Obama family or any third tier member of the White House staff has so much as a bad hair day, the right wing echo chamber starts a 24/7 attack on how this hair is leading to the downfall of civilization and is in clear violation of the Constitution. Within a few days of the start of the echo chamber drumbeat, the wingnuts all over the nation are screaming, "Kenyan", "Muslim", "Birth certificate", "Benghazi", "Fast and Furious", "IRS", "Bad hair", at the top of their lungs. The press, which cares far too much about controversy & ratings and far too little about the truth, aids and abeds the wack jobs. They make their story as a battle between Obama and the teabagger of the day. All of this noise only adds, to the confusion.

So it seems to me that the Obama Administration has figured out that it doesn't pay to play that game. The most effective thing they can do is simply avoid the kind of publicity that will cause the echo chamber to crank up the volume and spew lies. I wish there were some other way, but I don't see it. Rupert and the Koch brothers have a lot of money and plenty of Wattage. They can lie louder and faster than any politician can correct their intentional confusion.
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