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Subject:  Re: Taxes and roommates Date:  6/18/2013  9:19 AM
Author:  2gifts Number:  118714 of 127614

Thanks, Ira, but it does feel like I'm getting scolded in some of the responses for even considering this. It seems that some folks are implying that I am forcing something down DS's throat because I haven't mentioned this to him, but the reason I haven't said anything is that first I'd like to know what is or isn't possible, and if I end up with finding nothing possible that meets my liking, I wouldn't want to disappoint him by first saying we were going to help him get a house, and then turn around and say 'never mind.' I see no reason to spin him up for something that might not happen.

I also see no reason to start by consulting with tax and legal professionals in that area until I know this is really the way I want to go because we are just in the exploration stage. I would consider that a waste of my time and money if I hadn't done some legwork first to see the lay of the land. I've already checked out some of the landlord/tenant stuff in RI, and in reading the information put out by the state, it is a lot more balanced there than in MA where the tenants seem to get all the rights, so I like that part already.

Gifting him the downpayment is not something I want to do at all, and that's why I suggested that a better idea might be to just buy it with him, and we would get our money back down the road when he sells the house, whenever that might be. We just finished giving both kids a full college education, and that seems like quite enough gifts at this point.

Houses in RI are pretty cheap, at least compared to MA, and DH has been wanting to buy something he could fix up and flip, so doing that with DS eventually living in it actually seemed to be addressing a couple of needs. I'm seeing foreclosures in the sub $125k range, and so the numbers look good. It is just all the logistics around how to structure this that are confusing me. I was hoping for more help from the board in terms of how to accomplish my goals, and I seem to be getting a lot of lectures on 'just don't do it' lectures instead.

I was hoping for more discussion on how to do this, and that's not here, so maybe I just asked in the wrong place, and so I would take pointers on where else to ask.
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