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Subject:  Re: UK, NL, AUS ban mutual fund commissions Date:  6/25/2013  4:41 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  72513 of 80427

Well, according to how I read the chart at the link you provided, the total amount lent was $456.6 and the total amount paid back was 417.2 leaving a shortfall on TARP of the difference.

Not really. Since you referred to 'banksters' (How much was spent by the US government (and, ultimately, by many other governments) to bail the banksters out of those messes?), I provided the link to the TARP program for the banks, not the link to the overall TARP program. TARP made money on the money it provided to the banks. The money that TARP has lost so far has been mostly due to the bailout provided to automakers, not 'banksters'.

Secondly, TARP wasn't the only program.

Well, it was the most talked about program, and the one that I was able to find data on. Do you have data for the other programs? I was just trying to provide an answer to your question of how much the US government has lost bailing out 'banksters'. And at least for TARP, the answer is, the US government made money bailing out 'banksters'. I would be interested in seeing other data.

Thirdly, in order for Bear Sterns (and possibly Lehman) to be resolved, the Federal Government had to take over their wagers gone awry as well.

Well, the Bear Stearns 'wagers gone awry' formed the basis of Maiden Lane, LLC, which also made, not lost, money:

Purpose: ML LLC was created to facilitate the merger of JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) and Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. (Bear Stearns) by purchasing approximately $30 billion in assets from the mortgage desk at Bear Stearns.

Terms: The New York Fed lent ML LLC approximately $28.82 billion. The loan has a 10-year te