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Subject:  Re: Texas implements Voter ID law Date:  6/26/2013  12:17 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  687021 of 875589

we've had it here in Va. for some time because when I was working at the precinct, I had to ask for ID. I was shocked by so many men leaving their wallets in their car.

The only ones who are against ID's are the ones most likely to commit voter fraud.


This particular issue, is the issue that broke the camel's back for me.

This is the one where I realized they actually were not good people with a few bad ideas, But bad people in general.

Frankly, I do not thin anyone is actually stupid enough to think that checking ID in an even handed manner is discriminatory. I just do not beleive it. That means there are other motives, or if not motives a set of beliefs that makes them see evil and address it where none exists and in so doing, to do evil.

I can not believe people of good faith have a problem with requiring solid voter ID. Once you realize the depth of lying that they will go do in order to jstify one opinion, and track down that there is a lie beneath every single lib point you find questionable over a 6 month period. there is no way to ever argue a point as if they are on the up and up
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