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Subject:  Re: Texas implements Voter ID law Date:  6/26/2013  7:38 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  687084 of 876033

Frankly, I do not thin anyone is actually stupid enough to think that checking ID in an even handed manner is discriminatory.

My father is 93. He gave up driving 5 years ago and does not have a driver's license. He lives in an assisted living facility, and is generally "confined" to the place. He can walk outside; he can even take the facility's shuttle bus to the grocery store, but they don't do "custom road trips." If he wants a government issued picture ID, he must figure out a way to get it. Of course my sister can take a day off from work, and that is probably what will happen, but then there are lots of people there without "a daughter" or anyone else who visits them.

My father in law is 89. He refuses to sell his car even though he hasn't driven it in years. His license expired last year, making is presumably invalid for voting purposes. He lives with my sister-in-law, who works three jobs (two part-time teaching, weekends are basic nursing chores for an on-call agency.) She can take a day off from work, too, I suppose, and that is also probably what will happen.

But if you don't think there are entire groups which have a harder time than others in conforming to rules which are enshrined to combat this nearly non-existent problem, then you have no ability to empathize with anyone but your own little circle of like-minded friends.

As it turns out, I am in favor of good voter registration and voting procedures, but I am also willing to pay the cost of those - which include much longer times and open days during voting, zero-cost ID's, and even authorizing a few vetted independent groups (League of Women Voters, for instance) to make house calls and take care of the paperwork and bureaucracy that some groups have difficulty navigating.

Both of the men in the examples above, BTW, are staunch Republicans - and this mania about "voter fraud" is most likely to cut them off. So congratulations on that.

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