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Subject:  Re: Going to see Man Of Steel Date:  6/28/2013  9:52 PM
Author:  TheBaronAndrew Number:  687424 of 876089

I doubt it was real butter.

Why don't movie theaters offer real buttered popcorn anymore?

Clerk: Do you want the Medium size or the middle size?

Elaine: What's the difference?

Clerk: Well, we have three sizes. Medium, Large, and Jumbo.

Elaine: [momentarily perplexed] What happened to the small?

Clerk: There is no small. Small is Medium.

Elaine: What's... medium?

Clerk: Medium is Large, and large is Jumbo.

Elaine: Oh-kay. Gimme the large.

Clerk: That's medium.

Elaine: Right. Yeah. [fearing the answer] Could I have a small popcorn?

Clerk: There is no small. [flash of perky inspiration] Child-size is small.

Elaine: What's `medium'?

Clerk: Adult.

Elaine: Do adults ever order the child-size?

Clerk: [chuckling] Not usually.

Elaine: [laughs appreciably] Okay, gimme the `adult'.

Clerk: Do you want butter?

Elaine: Is it *real* butter?

Clerk: [perkily] It's butter-*flavored*!

Elaine: [exasperated] What is it made of?

Clerk: [perkily] It's yellow!
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