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Subject:  Re: Quinoa / Kale Salad for CC Date:  7/10/2013  8:25 AM
Author:  Art53 Number:  688464 of 876361

Catherine shares,
"Art, what do you think of this? (comment on the blog):
"Twenty years ago my son bought a baby iguana that lived with us for 12 years, growing to a total length of six feet. When ‘Hawkeye’ was half grown, he had a near-death experience, losing his coordination and his appetite. We learned that he had a calcium deficiency. Kale was recommended and his recovery was dramatic. At the time, our local grocery store did not sell kale. When I was able to find it elsewhere, other shoppers would ask what it was and why I was buying it! (This was 10-15 years ago.) We're able to grow kale and it's now an important part of our diet, even though our iguana has died of old age…"


They just mean he came close to death. Near death experience can have several meanings.

Calcium deficiency is a common problem among captive reptiles. When I took care of the animals in the Exotic Animal Ward at the Univ. of TN Vet School we often had people's pet reptiles that had been on calcium deficient diets and had signs of rickets. We treated them with special lamps that mimicked the Sun and sprinkled their food with a dietary supplement for reptiles that was high in calcium.

Because reptiles have such a slow metabolism it sometimes took months to get them back to a somewhat normal condition. Some of them had permanent disfigurements such as curved backs and messed up legs.

You'd be surprised how many people get pets and don't read up on the care of those animals. They remain completely ignorant. It baffles me.

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