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Subject:  Steyn! Date:  7/10/2013  10:34 AM
Author:  arrete Number:  688482 of 876075

I hope this hasn't already been posted. Using a 10 year old computer doesn't allow for carefule reading of all posts. Anyway - got this fro abbagirl:

>> Foreigners can't understand a word of an Obamacare conversation. The problem with health care in most countries is that they're third-party systems, which are by definition economically inefficient, whether the third party is government or private insurance. But that would be too obvious for us. So in America there's the patient and there's the doctor, and there's the insurer, who is provided through the employer, who outsources it to an employee-benefits-management company. By my count, that's a fifth-party system, on top of which Obamacare adds a sixth.

And if, somewhere between the party of the fifth part and the party of the fourth part, things come apart, well, good luck with that.
Most countries decay into statism through nationalization: Britain nationalized health care in the late Forties, France nationalized the banks in the early Eighties. But that's not the American way. So the veneer of a private sector is maintained as an ever more implausible façade for a hyper-regulated statism: Big Government at one remove, subcontracted to nominally private paperwork shufflers across the land. In health care, banking, homeownership, college tuition, Americans now enjoy considerably less freedom of movement than citizens of openly statist nations in Europe.

As it happens, these are all the areas of life the prudent man is enjoined to take care of: Save for the future. Get an education. Buy property. Look after your health. Remorseless governmentalization of all four sectors is part of the ever greater sclerosis in America — and immensely time-consuming. <<

Read the whole thing - lots of funny bits.

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