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Subject:  My friend the jeweler called me Date:  7/10/2013  11:00 AM
Author:  PosFCF Number:  428346 of 479958

It was Friday, June 30th, 2013. He said: "Poz, I'm taking a bunch of gold down to the wholesaler and I've got 8 1oz. Krugerrands that I can let you have for $1240/each, do you want them?" I said I did, but that I'd have to sell some stock to get the capital. He said "I'm not worried about that, just know that of gold drops to...." at which point I interrupted and said " a $1000 or lower, that I still bought them at $1240." He said: "That's right, I just wanted it to be clear between us."

I jiggled things around a bit and gave him the money 2 days later at our weekly poker game at his house. In return, I got 8 brilliant uncirculated 1976 Krugerrands.

At the game I told him, next time you want to liquidate your gold and have coins, let me know and I'll buy them too.

He asked me where I thought the price of gold was going? I said that in the near term (next few months anything could happen so the price could drop to $900 or $1000 (my favorite wish right now) or there could be a bail-in in a major country and it could shoot up. No way of knowing or handicapping either direction. But if it dropped, I was buying more.

One thing I'm certain of is that if a country could print its way to prosperity, Weimar Germany would have ruled the wrold until Zimbabwe came along.

Meanwhile, the Krugerrands are in their Air-Tites (to protect from wear and scratches) and now Mark Carney and Mario Draghi seem to be