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Subject:  Re: Racist Parade Float? Date:  7/10/2013  1:41 PM
Author:  CCinOC Number:  688498 of 838469

The liberal response to being caught in a lie is to lie more, and faster. They hope that some of the BS will stick. For LIV's, it actually works some of the time.

Rick Santelli on how easy it is to lob one right over the heads of most Americans.

RS: I'd like to welcome a very special guest. I love wednesdays and I love reading Holman Jenkins Jr.'s column in the Journal every Wednesday. Thanks for taking the time to be our guest.

HJ: My pleasure. Great to be with you.

RS: Thelma and Louise, taking that last shot, boom. Are the biggest economies of the world delusional, Holman? Are they looking at the fact that whether it's Japan, Europe, U.S., to the lesser extent China, thinking that if they use the market and interest rates as little toys to fix things or make things better, if they fail nobody can take our place. That seems to be the logic I see. How do you see it?

HJ: Yeah, I see it the same way. Governments everywhere have accumulated 50 years of excesses, high taxes, high regulation, retirement and medical