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Subject:  Re: Poll: When should abortion be legal/banned Date:  7/10/2013  2:17 PM
Author:  Jeanwa Number:  1888243 of 2210437

This issue should be very simple for small-government conservatives to process. This is not a decision for big-government regulators to control. Abortion is a private matter between a woman, her doctor, and her partner (in that order). Note the lack of "government" in there. The infrastructure for that transaction to occur is already in place and (at least it was) properly regulated to ensure the public health. To support the anti-abortion movement is to want the government to put up walls between private citizens, their doctors, and the proper delivery of health care under a well-regulated capitalist framework. It runs contrary to everything else they say they're for.

I wish I knew what was really behind the anti-abortion movement. In all anti-abortion arguments there is undercurrent desire to punish the mother. To make her submit to God's will, as often as not. I think what a lot of these folks really want is a Sex-Law. Banning sex outside of marriage, or something like that. It's creepy that these people are so focused on the proper use, care and maintenance of bodily functions.

Further, it's an attempt to make people responsible for their actions. It doesn't matter if it makes things worse in the long run. That's the impression I got from some of the posts on the METMAR thread.
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