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Subject:  Re: Bigger Picture Thoughts on Interest Rates Date:  7/10/2013  3:45 PM
Author:  MrTompkins Number:  15287 of 25354


There is a reason its called financial repression. Unfortunately artificially low rates (ZIRP -- that's Zero Interest Rate Policy :) is a stealth tax that politicians don't have to deal with.

Unfortunately I agree with your points and not much one can do about it. Personally I think the lines of other "big picture thoughts" such as cleantech (yes that includes Kandi) is the next productivity wave. But we aren't investing -- and that's the real bummer.


PS: While there's electric transportation -- I like also the concept of fuel cells and utilities. For instance you have:

That technology can be adapted to use clean natural gas or tuned to burn off waste water or even waste from agricultural sources (both being done now in California) or dropped into a dense population for additional electric utility source (UK and South Korea). Amazing stuff and with reasonable volume -- FCEL can actually make money producing the plants.

But like with Kandi just doing a private placement and adding some material dilution -- so has FCEL so even big picture investments come risks :(
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