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Subject:  Re: Walker bumps against that pesky Constitution Date:  7/10/2013  3:54 PM
Author:  jdp245 Number:  1888251 of 2210610

The attending doctor with admitting privileges can immediately summon help and quickly get the women to a hospital vs a doctor without admitting privileges who will have to go through channels to do the same. Time is of the essence.

I don't think you understand what admitting privileges are. In the unlikely emergency you describe, both doctors would do the same thing; call an ambulance. Doctor's do not need "admitting privileges" to summon emergency care. No more than I need "admitting privileges" to call 911.

It was a blanket statement not direct at you. I see no difference between pro abortion and pro kill a baby libs.

It was directed at me, since I am one of the hundreds of millions of people who support a women's right to choose. (It is beyond me why you think that your words are any less of an attack on me just because you also decided to insult the majority of Americans and many more millions of people around the world.)

Other than your unsupported and ad hominem attacks, you still have nothing to say to support your contention that people who are against this law "don't want a safer environment for a woman suffering from abortion-related complications." Your statements are nothing more than lies designed to hide the fact that the law was designed solely to make abortions more difficult to legally obtain. Your professed concern for the theoretical "woman suffering from abortion-related complications" is nothing but a ruse to obscure (poorly) your true intent.

And by the way, nobody is "pro abortion". If you cannot understand the distinction between someone who supports a woman's right to choose and someone who is "pro kill a baby", then I doubt your opinion on this issue is very well informed.
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