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Subject:  Re: Poll: When should abortion be legal/banned Date:  7/11/2013  10:30 AM
Author:  albaby1 Number:  1888378 of 2210482

Having said that, the "saves the babies" blanket opposition to abortion is an emotional, uninformed, and selfish one. Selfish because it relies on personal belief (i.e. "life begins at conception") above an understanding of the situations actual women/doctors might be faced with in deciding an abortion is necessary. Regardless of what the opponents may "feel", there are situations under which any reasonable person would concede that abortion is the appropriate, even necessary, solution - as bad as that sucks. But at the core of it it's really none of their business.

That's an interesting perspective, since I've most often heard the 'selfish' argument coming from the anti-abortion side. Issues of life and death of other human beings are almost always considered appropriately decided at the societal, not the individual, level. Doctors or relatives don't get to decide according to their own moral conscience what level of deterioration of bodily functions among the sick and elderly constitutes "death" for other people - society makes those rules, and they have to live by them. Heck, we impose limits on when people can choose to terminate their own lives, much less those of others. And of course, there's countless countless circumstances where society says, "no, we won't leave it up to the individuals involved to decide whether exchanging money for sex, or paying someone $5 an hour to mow your lawn, is moral or not" in far less important contexts than life or death.

So anti-abortion folks regard pro-choice folks as selfish - the idea that when you can kill another person should only be up to individual conscience which may or may not include what's best for that person, rather than a societal consensus which includes the interest of the person at risk of being killed, is very selfish to them. Again, all of that flows from the starting point that what's at stake is another human person in all cases of abortion (a starting point that I do not agree with personally).

As for the "situations," there are heartbreaking and tragic situations involving children and adults as well - children with devastating and unavoidably fatal (in the intermediate term) congenital disorders, adults utterly demolished by dementia and wasting illnesses - where we might all decide that allowing the passing of the stricken person would be best for all concerned. But we never leave it up to the conscience of individual relatives and doctors to take active steps to kill those people, and impose rules societally to ensure that the interests of the stricken individuals are taken into account in any decision even to withhold care.

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