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Subject:  Re: Question for TMFPMarti Date:  7/11/2013  10:38 AM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  688576 of 876035

What kind of logic is this? I swear you liberals all roll the same way: identify extreme outliers and then argue that 99.999995% of the population should conform to the special cases.

Curiously, they're not "outliers" at all. My father has now been in two large retirement communities. The first was "independent living", the current one is "assisted living." (The first also had assisted living, but he didn't want to move there when the time came.) (The father-in-law is a shut-in, living in a daughter's spare bedroom. She works three jobs, so there isn't a lot of "spare time." Probably not much of an "outlier" either.)

Both establishments have over 1,000 inhabitants, and a conservative estimate would be that half of the people there have no living relatives nearby, no one to take them to city hall, and no one to deal with this sort of issue.

The places have "van service", which is to say they go to the grocery store once a week, to WalMart once a week, and occasionally to another Senior center for a day of cards, or Wii bowling, or whatever.

There are a tremendous number of people in this identical situation. But leave it to you to be so anti-empathetic that you cannot understand that everybody doesn't have a driver and limo at their beck and call, nor people to deal with human frailties.

In most voter ID laws being enacted, the IDs are available for free. BTW. How are they voting if they're both unable to travel?

The ID's are free if you can get downtown and stand in line for an hour.. And they're not voting. Both voted in the last Presidential election, but only because their licenses had not expired. They now have, and since neither drives any more, they haven't voted since. (There have been local elections.) Perhaps they will; I suspect that family will take the time, but - as I referened above - not everyone has family to do this, and the nursing homes don't take this as a function.

Or how about this. We'll stipulate that rest homes could have picture ID services if you stipulate to presenting photo IDs to vote.

As I indicated in the original post, which you obviously couldn't be bothered to read, given that it comes from someone who occasionally disagrees with you, I am in favor of voter IDs. But not just for "rest homes" but also for inner city dwellers and all others who have a need and not the means to achieve it. And no, I'm not going to leave that to "rest homes." It's a GOVERNMENT FUNCTION.

Pay the bureaucracy to ensure that every eligible voter is able to vote, or just admit that you don't care. To me, voting is the most sacred privilege of a democracy, and nothing should be allowed to get in the way of that, certainly not a few bucks to register people who are unable to travel, for whatever reason.

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