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Subject:  Re: Zimmerman: Judge jumps shark Date:  7/11/2013  11:49 AM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  121277 of 165944

To own a handgun in Florida, you have to complete a gun safety course. If in addition to that training, Zimmerman went to a gun range to practice firing his weapon in the weeks and months before the incident, would you use that as evidence of his "obsession" to actually use his weapon on someone? Would going to a gun range indicate that he didn't just want to own the gun "for protection" but actually wanted to use it on someone?

I swear, all liberals have ZERO critical thinking skills.

So going to the range and using your weapon on paper targets automatically is the same as say, participating in a fight club, doing drugs, getting into fights and trying to buy an illegal weapon?

I bet when you see a carpenter go by Home Depot for a hammer you think he's getting ready to murder someone. At least it would be logically consistent, if not sane.

This information could be viewed in the same light as your assertion above with one exception - street fighting is not instantly lethal the way using a gun is, and cell phone messages about street fighting aren't the same as hours spent actually practicing street fighting.

No offense, but this statement is even dumber than the first paragraph. So specifically doing things that show a predilection to committing felony assault (such as Trayvon's felony assault on Zimmerman) is the same as someone practicing with their weapon in a perfectly legal manner. Hilarious.

While Martin was walking down the street with Skittles and Iced Tea in hand, he was clearly not interested in that moment to use any kind of street fighting skills he may or may not have had.

Clearly, now? And how do you know this? Oh, right. libs can read people's minds. Which is how you people all knew for sure that Zimmerman was a total racist out to kill blacks that night.

In contrast, Zimmerman ignored requests by police to stay in his car, made various references to how criminals always get away and how he wasn't going to let that happen, and then carried his gun with him into an uncertain situation that he, himself, was creating. If anyone in this sad circumstance had an obsession, it was Zimmerman.

There's that lib mind reading again.

P.S. My brother and I exchange numerous text messages which are rife with quotes and references from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Caddyshack" and "Fletch". Do those messages indicate my "obsession" with cutting class, becoming a golf caddy and erstwhile investigative reporter under the byline of Jane Doe? LOL

Are any of those felonies?
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